Introducing Damper Safe
Why do you need Damper Safe?

Damper Safe was created due to the new legislation stipulated in the Building Safet Act 2022, which now requires that anyone working on Fire & Smoke Dampers be qualified to do so.

This is a legal requirement. Suppose the people testing your dampers have only completed a 2-day course. In that case, it is now illegal for them to be testing and signing off your fire & smoke dampers, potentially making you liable if the worst-case scenario were to arise.

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The skills and knowledge for fire dampers and smoke control dampers are now defined within these occupational standards.

Building Safety Act 2022
33 Building regulations
1(G) 1 Building regulations may make provision for and in connection with-
(a) the inspection and testing of work ;
(b) the inspection and testing of buildings;
(c) the inspection and testing of services, fittings and equipment provided in connection with buildings;
(1) Building regulations may; for the purpose of facilitating compliance with any requirement of building regulations in relation to any work to which building regulations are applicable-

35 Industry competence
“Competence requirements”
(2) A “competence requirement” is a requirement relating to-
1. (a) the skills, knowledge, experience, and behaviours of an individual

Why choose our team
About the Damper Safe team

The issue for the sector now is, unless the individual is registered or achieved the GT1F 04 SCQF Level 5: Fire and Smoke Damper Qualification a case can be made that while the individual might be experienced in carrying out a task, on paper they have not got the licence to install or inspect a fire damper or smoke control damper now that the skills and knowledge have been defined by the sector skills council.

There’s also now the issue that there’s now a traceable record within the documentation being used, that of the time of installation, or inspection of the dampers, no one was actually qualified to do so.

It would be like carrying out an audit on a delivery company with names, dates, times, locations, and signatures of activities, then discovering no one actually had a driving licence at the time of delivery. This would be a criminal act.

Our operatives are not only experienced and qualified Heating and Ventilation engineers, but they are also qualified to the national occupational standards for the testing and inspecting of fire dampers. They are enrolled on the most comprehensive 3rd party certification scheme in the country that assesses their competence periodically, as well as constantly upskilling them when any changes are made to the industry, making sure that we are always up to date with what needs to be done legally.

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Fully insured with experienced and friendly staff

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Rest easy with Damper Safe. We are fully insured, prioritising your peace of mind and protection. We are also certified and trained in all aspects of fire safety.

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